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My little review of "Brassed Off"


Brassed Off (1996)

Firstly I will give you some fundamental details about the film.

The location of the movie is Grimley which was named as the poorest village in Britain at the time of the movie and it plays in the 1990s, it is a comedy-drama which was directed and written by Mark Herman, the main actors are Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor and Stephen Tompkinson.

The Production companies are Prominent Features, Channel Four Films and Miramax Films. The language is English and the budget was ₤2.8 million and the running time is 107 min furthermore the release date was in the United Kingdom the 1 November 1996.

Secondly I will tell you something about the plot of the film "Brassed Off".

Brassed Off is a movie about the situation of a coal mine after the privatization in Britain. So we have the main characters which work in the coal mine and play together in the local brass band.

The woman Gloria works for the business owner of the coal mine, she comes to the little town and begins playing in the brass band of the coal miner workers.

With the band conductor Danny they go to many competitions. But the Band does not play very well and they have no motivation they loose most of the competitions.

But Gloria has a positive influence on the guys and they become better.

The movie shows us the situation of the people in Grimley after they were fired in the coal mine. On the one side they show the effects of the heating for a little family and in front of them the men of the family.

On the other side they give us the effects of music and to be together as a band.

The conductor Danny loves the music and lives for them; moreover it is important for him that his son also plays in the band.

But is the music strong enough to compensate the loose of work and money?

So we have a few points which change the coal miner´s life and we see in the movie how the main characters to the changes respond.


Thirdly I will show you the main points of the movie with the background of Britain and the Thatcherism.

My first thought of the movie was that Phil and his Family are in the middle of the action, so all points like the reaction of the coal miners or the important point of the music and their understanding of this ended by Phil and his family. In the Family we find the worst development of the Thatcherism. The director lets us, the audience sympathize with Phil and the other coal miners.

Brassed Off criticizes the society and the government in the way that the movie indicates the effects of the Thatcherism but these are only the bad site of it.

Elements which are used by the director to underline the bad situation are the place where the movie takes place. The place is the poor village Grimley but moreover the poorness of this village the houses of the main characters are small and simply equipped.

Other points for this are the camera perspective, which most of the time is in the normal perspective and has no fast changing like the changing in an action movie. The camera films the unvarnished reality and we have no big sound or light effects. The picture is held pretty normal and has no big effects.

The costumes of the characters are normal for people who live in a village. But we see a difference between the coal miners and the managing directors of the company, for example Gloria, she wears

a suit at the most time. Only when we see her at the first band sample, there she wears “normal”

clothes. So the director shows us that Gloria, though she is the enemy of the coal miner, that she is also a normal woman who loves it to make music like the coal miners. Here we have delimitation in the clothes between workers and managing directors.

When the band goes to competitions they all are wearing the same suit. It shows us that they are a community and that they hold together. That is very important because of Phil’s conflict between the music and his life, also his family and his liabilities. 


In conclusion I will tell you my opinion about the movie.

The movie shows very good the despair of the people and the team spirit. So it is important for the men that they hold together particularly for Phil.

He lost his whole family because of the heating and he his high debts. The high debts he has after the first strike with the coal mine ten years before.

I think Phil takes a big role in the movie. First of all he is a good example for a man who has been fired and has no money to take care for his family. Secondly he is the connection between the music and the work in the coal mine, so he and his father bring all the workers in this band together. When you watch the movie you will understand what I mean with the connection between the music and the situation in Grimley.

After the main points of the privatization and its disadvantages, they show us the bad behavior of the managing directors. They don’t take care for the jobs of the coal miners. It is also a point at the edge of the movie but we see how managers of a company react to get more money or to reduce costs. It is not very friendly to the workers, moreover for family parents when they have no job anymore to care for their children.

The movie shows this bad situation of the workers very good and as viewer we can sympathize with the families and workers.

The only bad thing of the movie in my opinion is the romance scene between Andy and Gloria. I think the little romance scene is not important and has no matter for the whole story.

In short I can say that this is a very good movie in front of the historical background and the effects of this for the people and their life.

A great performance of the film director and the actors! We have great actors who convey perfectly their feelings and are good in their roles.


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